Why Are Designer Handbags So Expensive

Designer handbags are very expensive which is beyond your comprehension. And designer handbags are not manufactured together in a factory, like ordinary handbags. Designer handbags are specially made in just a few pieces. But we all have a common question in mind why are designer handbags so expensive?


There are many reasons why designer handbags are expensive. The main reasons why designer handbags are expensive are labor cost, raw material collection, tax, advertisement and marketing, and brand value. There are also more reasons why designer handbags are so expensive, let’s know the details below.



Why Are Designer Handbags So Expensive?


Designer Handbags Take A Long Time To Make

Compared to ordinary handbags, it takes a lot of time to make designer handbags. Also, real designer handbags are almost entirely handmade, requiring very little automation. Designer handbags are also crafted by skilled and creative staff with great precision over a long time. Ordinary handbags are made in thousands of pieces every day in the factory, on the other hand, it takes up to a few days to make a designer handbag.



Designer Handbags Are Pieces Of Art

If you think designer handbags are just bags then you are wrong, because these are pieces of art. Designer handbags are made with the aesthetic touch of a designer or artist, and when you buy them you are buying an artist’s craft.



Designer Handbags Are Made By Skilled And Talented Labor

Designer handbags require highly skilled and talented labor. Designer handbags are not made by ordinary people. And since designer handbags are made by hand, creating a designer handbag requires more than one labor. And everyone is skilled and talented.



Raw Materials Are Used To Make Designer Handbags

One of the reasons why designer handbags are expensive is because of their raw material. Designer handbags are made using high-quality raw materials. Not only is this, the environment and source of the material collection are also explored.


For example, leather bag handbag manufacturers focus on making leather designer handbags, in the growing environment of leather production animals, and on how leather is collected and stored. Because of this, the price of a designer handbag goes up a lot.



Rare Materials Are Used To Make Designer Handbags

Rare materials are used to make some designer handbags. For example, it takes 3 to 4 crocodiles to make a Hermès handbag.



Premium Hardware Is Used To Make Designer Handbags

The hardware of the handbag plays a special role in enhancing the beauty of a designer handbag. The hardware of designer handbags is very premium and especially expensive items are used. The hardware components of designer handbags include precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.



Branding And Marketing

One of the reasons why designer handbag is is expensive because a lot of money is spent on branding and marketing of handbags. Through branding on various fashion shows, due to the promotion of celebrities, the cost of designer handbags increases.



They Have To Pay High Taxes

Another important reason why designer handbags are expensive is that companies have to pay higher taxes. Since designer handbags are a luxury product and most of them are manufactured in a few European countries, handbag companies have to pay high taxes.



Designer Handbags Are Heritage

Designer handbags can be used for a long time, and sometimes they last for centuries. Also, great and important personalities of the past used designer handbags.



Huge Profit Margins

It’s not just the various promotional activities, taxes, material collection, or labor costs that drive up the price of designer handbags. The main purpose of producing designer handbags is to earn huge profits. Designer handbags are only a few pieces produced and huge profits are made from them.




Why Are Luxury Handbags So Expensive?

Luxurious handbags are very expensive, and their prices are skyrocketing. But why? Well, luxurious handbags are often made using high-quality cow leather or rare and exotic animal skins.


For example, sometimes 2 to 3 crocodile skins are used to make a luxurious handbag. Luxury handbag locks, chains, and other metals are often made using gold and silver. The bags are also often used with diamonds and other precious stones.


Also, Luxurious handbags are made by talented workers whose wages are high. Luxurious handbags also cost a lot to promote, brand value, and tax, which makes luxurious handbags expensive.




Are Luxury Handbags Worth It?

There is a saying, “Hobby costs millions of dollars”. There is no end to human hobbies, someone’s hobby is a luxury car, and someone’s hobby is a luxury bag. “Are luxury handbags worth it” It depends entirely on your hobbies and needs?


However, luxury handbags are indeed very good and durable, and with care, they last for centuries. If you have enough money and your hobby is to own a luxurious handbag then, of course, you can do it. But if you are from a middle-class family and you do not need a luxurious handbag then buying it will be a waste for you.





Why Are Burberry Bags So Expensive?

Don’t think that Burberry is a chip brand, and Burberry brand handbags and clothing are very expensive. Burberry is an old brand and was founded in 1856.


The Burberry brand is expensive because of its brand value, its iconic classic British fashion style, and its high-quality products.


Burberry bags are very expensive because they are made of very high-quality material. For example, Burberry brand leather bags are made of 100% leather, we all know leather is an expensive material. And its fabric bags are made of very high-quality fabric.




Why Are Dooney And Bourke Bags So Expensive?

Why Are Dooney And Bourke Bags So Expensive


The Dooney & Bourke brand is highly respected and one of the best brands in the handbag market. And they never compromise on the quality of the product. Dooney & Bourke’s handbags have been on the list of best handbags for years and still are.


Dooney and Bourke brand handbags are more expensive than ordinary handbags. Dooney & Bourke’s handbags are so expensive because they are made of premium leather. And these are very stylish and attractive. And you can easily use Dooney& Bourke’s handbags year after year.




Why Are Leather Bags Expensive?

Many of you may know that leather is an expensive material, so naturally, its products will be expensive. So let’s know some of the main reasons why leather bags are expensive.


A lot of money is spent on collecting, storing, and processing leather which plays a major role in making leather a valuable material. After collecting, storing, and processing leather, leather bags require highly skilled and talented designers, and companies have to invest heavily in them. Also, the hardware used to make leather bags is expensive and premium.


Another reason leather bags are expensive is their durability. If you use a leather bag with care, you can easily spend a few decades. And what about the look of the leather bags, in a word, awesome. Leather bags are attractive to all classes of people including celebrities because of their classic, stylish, and premium looks.





In this article, we have told you why do designer handbags cost so much. We have also told you why are luxurious and leather handbags are expensive. Also here we have discussed with you some expensive brand handbags and bags. We hope that after reading this article you can easily guess why designer, luxurious, and leather handbags are so expensive.


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