How to Organize Handbags – Handbag Storage Idea

Handbags are one of the essential items for women. And almost everywhere outside the home, such as in the office, college, party, and shopping they have to carry handbags or purses with them. Almost all women have multiple purses or handbags, as they carry handbags that match the design or color of the dress. You may have multiple handbags, but you can’t organize them properly. Don’t worry, because in this article we will say you how to organize handbags properly in 9 effective ways.


The best options for organizing or storing handbags are handbag organizers and bag storage cabinets. However, you can hang your purses or handbags on small closets, home shelves, bookshelves, curtain rings, behind doors, and even on walls. Let’s take a look at some effective ways to organize purses or handbags properly. 



How to Organize Handbags? [Handbag Storage Idea]


Use Hanging Handbag Organizer

To organize multiple handbags or purses properly, a hanging handbag organizer is the best option for you. And when it comes to the best hanging handbag organizer, LONGTEAM Hanging Handbag Organizer will be at the top of the list. This handbag organizer is one of the best-rated bag storage on Amazon and it can store 10 different bags or purses.


And the great thing is that this handbag organizer is small in size and can be hung anywhere. That’s why you can easily install this purse organizer in anywhere your room. However, when storing handbags, if the bags are filled with tissue paper or cloth, they can be stored nicely and will also look beautiful.



Behind The Door Handbag Organizer

Looking for the best handbag organizer for small spaces? No more look because here we will give you effective bag storage ideas for small spaces. For small spaces, you can use a door hanging organizer. Yes, you can install a door-hanging handbag organizer behind a door which will help you to save your room space.


ZOBER handbag organizer is the most beautiful and best handbag storage where you can store multiple handbags easily. Its metal hooks are very durable and its pockets are visible. So if you are thinking about how to organize your bag properly in a small space it will be a great choice for you.


Use Table Hooks

Hanging handbags and purses on table hooks is the most effective and easiest way to organize handbags and purses properly in small spaces. If your house and office room are small or you are creative and always like to clean your workplace, then you should choose a table hook to organize your handbag and purse. 


durable good-quality table hook is enough to hold your multiple handbags and purses. Also, you can easily install a table hook on a table without any tools. And in our “best table hooks for purses” article, we have shown some of the best table hooks for handbags and purses from which you can choose the right one for yourself. 


Use Home Shelves

Here we will give you an idea about how to organize your handbags in your home-selves. First, fill the purses or handbags with paper or old cloth so that they are stable in place. Then store one by one handbag and purses on selves. But make sure you are using a divider between them.



Use Bookshelves

You don’t have a handbag organizer, but still, have almost empty bookshelves? “Good news” you can convert it as a handbags or purses organizer until you purchase a new handbag organizer. Yes, you can adequately store your purses and handbags on bookshelves.



Use Curtain Rings

Let’s talk about a unique idea, by applying that you can easily store handbags at a low cost. You can use curtain rings or rods to store handbags properly. Don’t think that storing handbags in a curtain ring will make it look bad. Rather it is a creative and unique idea to store handbags or purses properly.



Use Narrow Baskets Or Open Trays

You can install narrow baskets on the wall and use open trays to store handbags properly. Undoubtedly it will be very simple and useful. But you can’t store so many handbags and purses on narrow baskets or open trays.



Use Storage Bag For Hanging On Wall

You can store your handbags on the wall by using hooks but bags can get damaged due to dust or a slight scratch. That’s why you have to use storage bags to organize handbags or purses. And if you are looking for the best storage bags for handbags then IKEA DIMPA Moisture Protection Extra Large Storage Bag is for you where you can store multiple handbags easily. By the way, this IKEA handbag storage is dirt, moisture, and moth proof.



Use Small Closet Organizer

Here we will say you how to store handbags in the closet. To store handbags, purses, shoes, and clothes you can use a hanging small closet organizer. For your convenience, we recommended MONINXS 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer where you can store all kinds of handbags, purses, clothes, and shoes. Also, this hanging closet requires small space that’s why you can install it anywhere.



Use Bags Storage Cabinet

If you prefer a tidy house and if there is enough space in the house then you can use Bag Storage Cabinet for handbag store. Although, a handbag storage cabinet doesn’t require many spaces. And you can properly store multiple handbags, purses, and clothes on a storage cabinet.




How To Organize Handbags In Small Closet?

There are some affordable small closets available in the market for organizing handbags, purses, hats, dresses, and other essentials. And those closets are so small that you can install them easily in small spaces.


MONINXS 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer is the best closet to store handbags, purses, shoes, and hats. This organizer is made with 3 removable drawers and its steel hooks are very durable. So you can install this hanging closet in any small space of your house.



How To Organize Handbags Inside?

How To Organize Handbags InsideTo organize handbags inside the closet, organizer, or cabinet you have to fill them with tissue papers or clothes.


This will keep your handbag stable, and the quality of the handbag or purse will be good and will be stored nicely for a long time.


And if your handbag is luxury or made of leather then you should use moisture protection storage bags. Storage bags can keep your handbags or purses away from dust, moth, and moisture.




How To Organize Large Handbags?

We have already told you some effective ways to store handbags large or small whatever. To store large handbags you can use a handbags organizer, cabinet, or small closet. Also, you can store large handbags on your bookshelves and home shelves. But when storing handbags on home shelves or racks must use the divider.


Also, there are some hanging large storage bags and behind-the-door handbags organizers available in the market where you can store multiple large bags together.



Where To Store Handbags In Bedroom?

Where To Store Handbags In Bedroom


Where to store handbags in the bedroom? It’s a common question. You may not be able to find a place to organize handbags in the bedroom, but here we will tell you some ways to organize handbags in the bedroom.


Behind Bedroom Doors

The best place to store handbags in the bedroom is behind the door. The handbag organization behind the door will save your space as well as look neat. There are different types of handbag organizers available in the market for hanging behind the door, from where you can purchase the handbag organizer of your choice.


Under Your Bed

You can organize your handbags nicely by attaching the ring to under your bed, not on the floor. As it saves space in your room, you can easily hang multiple small and large handbags or purses under your bed.


Hanging On The Wall

Hanging handbags on the wall can be the most beautiful way if you can organize them properly. You can easily organize multiple small and large handbags by installing some rings on the wall. Also, if you want, you can organize the handbag nicely in the bedroom curtain ring or rod.




In this article, we have already shown you some of the proper methods about how to organize handbags properly. Some methods are very simple and affordable. And some organized methods are compatible with your tidy home.


Since handbags or purses are essential items for women, they should be well organized and maintained. Also, everyone likes to see a well-organized or tidy house.


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